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About Belarus

LocationEastern Europe, borders on Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland. The capital is Minsk.
Territory207.6 thousand square kilometers. The longest territorial stretch from the West to the East is about 650 km., from the North to the South – 560 km. In territory the Republic of Belarus ranks the 13-th among European countries.
State structureThe Presidential Republic
PopulationAbout 9500 thousand people. In population the Republic of Belarus ranks 5-th among European countries.
Administrative division6 regions with the centers in Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev.
Official languagesBelarusian, Russian
ClimateTemperate-continental, with mild and damp winters, warm summers, wet autumns.
MineralsPotash salt, oil, brown coal, shale oil, peat, sapropel, mineral water.
Land useAgricultural grounds – 44%, out of which 27% is arable soil, 38% is forest and 18% is other.
Rivers and lakesBelarus is called a Land of Lakes. There are about 11 000 lakes and 22 000 rivers and streams the overall spread of which is 91 000 km. The largest lake is Naroch (80 square km.).
The main branches of industryMotor-car construction, tractor-building and agricultural engineering, machine-tool construction and production of bearings, electrical industry, oil production and processing, production of synthetic fibres, fertilizers, pharmaceutical industry, production of building materials, light and food industries.
CurrencyBelarusian ruble (BYR)
TimeGMT + 2

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